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I studied BAHons Fine Art in the early 1990s. I then worked in the graphic design, digital print and 3D design industry for several years before returning full time to my first passion of painting.

My interest lies in the definition of form and application of colour theory to create intriguing and challenging compositions. My thought process is inspired by everyday visual experiences and the idiosyncratic nature of human observation.

I've always been drawn to bold, striking images where there is a precision of form, colour and edge. My work is meticulous and process heavy. I always strive to achieve as close to a perfect execution of colour and definition as possible.

All of my work is conceived and drawn on paper - I never use a computer! I work in this way because the time spent developing a drawing allows me the chance to question a composition and its colour interactions. If I were to work quickly on a computer this opportunity for deeper inquisition would be lost. Once satisfied, I draw the composition in pencil and then paint it by hand onto carefully prepared canvas or wooden panel. Many hours are then spent on the finer details of edge definition and tonal consistency until the painting is as flawless as I can achieve.

My paintings are a celebration of colour, form and process. My aim is to produce work that stimulates the viewer, bringing visual pleasure and igniting individual reflection.

"Where the Old Masters created an illusion of space into which one could imagine walking, the illusion created by a Modernist is one into which one can look, can travel through, but only with the eye." Clement Greenburg

CURRENT WORK from my PORTFOLIO is available to buy as well as hand painted MINI ORIGINALS. Examples of COMMISSIONED AND SOLD WORK can be seen here.

Commission requests are welcomed and will be individually considered. Or click here if you'd like to see a collection of pieces for further INSPIRATION.


Please use the CONTACT page for all enquiries.

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