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"What a wonderful experience! Crispin communicated with me for several weeks before I made my actual purchase; he helped me sort out shipping questions and made me feel very comfortable purchasing from him. When I finally made the purchase he shipped immediately, and the piece arrived within three days (even with international shipping!). The wooden shipping crate he used to ship was absolutely bomb-proof, and the painting itself was safe and sound inside layers of protective coverings and paddings. His work is absolutely beautiful in person - meticulous and sharp lines with vibrant, saturated colors that complement each other beautifully. The canvas and paints are clearly high quality as well. Highly, highly recommend buying from Crispin if you have the chance, I’m beyond thrilled and will have a lot of fun spending time vibing out with a very cool piece of art. Thanks again!"

Shimmer No.2 bought by KR - California

"How wonderful when you buy a new painting and the artist Crispin Holder @cholderart delivers it to your house. I have been watching this painting for a long time and when a similar one sold I went into panic mode so really I had no choice I just had to add it to my collection..... sooooo love it!!!!"

Pyramid Progression No.4 bought by MS - London

"Beautifully wrapped, excellent communication and delivery. Love my new painting!"

MONo33 bought by RR - Edinburgh

"Crispin is a pleasure to work with! And his artwork is even more beautiful in person! Looking forward to doing more transactions with him."

Focal Peaks bought by BK - New York

"It gets better and better every time I look at it. It is really amazing how much more pop and impact it has in person. I can't say enough how much fun it is working with you. Yet again, you delivered. The colors, mystique, beauty and depth of your work jumps off the canvas, no doubt due to your refined touch and attention to detail. Truly, you are a master, and you bring genuine depth into our home. Thank you"

Energy commissioned by AM - Santa Monica

"Lovely chap to buy art from - and the art was splendid too, such vibrant and clever use of colour. Very pleased."

Fractions Series bought by MT - London

"I saved Crispin’s art in my “art I would love to own someday” folder for over a year. Recently, I couldn’t wait any longer, so I went to my favorite piece, Pyramid Progression, but to my dismay it was sold! Though happy for Crispin, I was kicking myself for not contacting him sooner. Then, I saw that I could commission a piece! Feeling hesitant, I contacted Crispin, even though I assumed the process would be far from ideal. I wanted to work with an artist who I could collaborate with, and I was unconvinced this medium could remotely support a collaboration. Crispin responded immediately to my inquiry and answered all of the questions that I had. He was not only willing and able to recreate Pyramid Progression, he invited me to collaborate on the colors that I wanted. I had a lot more questions about the process and remained slightly skeptical, but with some back and forth, I was reassured because of Crispin’s professionalism. I gained confidence in the process and I was convinced. Working with Crispin was incredible. We connected through his art, and he took the initiative of including me every step of the way, including the small details of framing and delivering (which were both quite important to me). I can say that commissioning a piece was successful. More than that, however, Crispin’s professionalism, artistic prowess, pristine and consistent communication and overall demeanor as an artist were superb. He has made me a fan of commissioning art, and more than that, a forever fan of he himself. I am in possession of a progression of pyramid’s that exceeds all of my expectations. Even after a month, I find myself gazing at the gorgeous geometric art that adorns the room it sits in. More than hanging to be admired, the Pyramid Progression I commissioned, coated with an intricate weaving of colors and shapes that Crispin composed, sings. Crispin is a true artist. If you are considering commissioning a piece with Crispin, jump in because you won’t regret it."

Pyramid Progression No.6 commissioned by JM - Los Angeles


"Thank you so much. I think our house is perfect for your art, which we have proved a few times! It was lovely to see you - it's such a pleasure buying from you x"

Equinox and Stripes pieces bought by FC - London

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